I write code in Python, Ruby, C++, C, and Rust (with some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript here and there). I deploy on AWS (ECB, Lambda, Amplify), Heroku, Render, and Cloudflare. I open files in Sublime Text (and soon Hackerman Text).

I work on a Macbook Pro (16 inch, Intel), wear Sony's noise cancelling headphones, and look at Samsungs's 34 inch ultra wide monitor. I type on Apple's Magic keyboard (with numpad) and click with an Xtrfy ultra light mouse.

I carry most things in a Thule Aion travel backpack.


Internet businesses and proprietary software products.

pascal-in-ruby Interpreter

An interactive runtime environment and interpreter for a modified subset of Pascal in Ruby.

PlayCode Programming Language Interpreter

PlayCode is a playful programming language implemented in Python to test experimental language features and design.

md2website Web Development

A markdown to static website builder that automatically generates index pages, header anchors, and table of contents. This website is generated using this project (and my other static website too).

pas2wat Compiler

A Pascal to WebAssembly text-format compiler in Rust.

My technical notes as bite-sized executable programs.


Modelmode was my final year project for undergraduate degree. It was a browser-based tool to edit spreadsheets.


LearnHub was an online platform and community for self-learners to post custom pathways for learning different subjects. It had support for users to monetize their pathways via affiliate links. It never gained any traction and I shut it down fairly fast.


AnonChat is a super-simple text-based chat application. It was built in plain JavaScript, which is why it's still available and not discontinued. I don't plan to develop it further.


Doolio was an online and interactive skill-based resume builder. Users could add and track skills, projects, and links.

Formulas was an website with cheat sheets for mathematics and physics. The idea was to monetize with advertising.


Rä was a Q&A website for getting help with homework. It was like Stack Overflow or Quora in Swedish and for homework-related questions.