Last updated on December 11, 2023

I live in Asia and plan to visit Thailand before end of this year and United States (west coast) beginning of next year.

I'm currently busy building internet businesses that run themselves at Frozenfork.

My stack

I write code in Python, C++, Ruby, and Rust (with some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript here and there). I deploy on AWS (ECB, Lambda, Amplify), Heroku, Render, and Cloudflare. I exclusively edit text in Sublime Text.

I work on a Macbook Pro (16 inch, Intel), wear Sony's noise cancelling headphones, and look at Samsungs's 34 inch ultra wide monitor. I type on Apple's Magic keyboard (with numpad) and move pointer with an Xtrfy ultra light mouse.

I carry everything except monitor in a Thule Aion travel backpack.