Michael Sjöberg

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Now: Building Stockstack and Hackerman.AI

I build web applications and interested in programming language tools/ compilers, computational intelligence, and financial analysis. I speak Swedish, Norwegian, and English. I have a list of domains for sale here.

I have a MSc degree in advanced computing from King's College London (2020) and BSc degree in computing and information technology from The Open University (2018). I have completed postgraduate studies in corporate finance and financial research at The Open University Business School (2021). I have a list of all courses taken here.

new Tokenizer using generator in Python

new For-loop using recursion and while

new Sobel Filter using OpenCL in Python

new Partial Functions in Python

new OpenCL in Python

new Numpy Linear Relu

new Linked List using Recordclass

new Linked List in C

new Glide Typing Problem in Python

new Functools Function Wrapper

new Functools Cache

new Foreign Function Library

new DSL in Python

new Composing Functions in Python

new AST Constant Folding